date selection is off by one day

Hi, when selecting the pre defined date selectors the dates are not correct. It starts and ends always one day too early. Attached you see an example of ' last month', but is is with all of the date ranges. Is this a known problem? And is there a fix?

  • Hi Thomas,

    I've observed this too when setting the date range of the query. 

    When you look at the downloaded data does it include the last day of the previous month? (You can verify this if you add the "split by" dimension of date.)

    Best, Michael

  • Thanks for the suggestion! the data shown is only of June, including the 30th. Which going by the settings should not be shown.

    So the dates shown in the settings are incorrect, but using it in a query gives the right results. Very confusing!

  • I've seen the same date scenario when pulling reports directly in the Microsoft Ads user interface. 

    (I wonder if the earliest date is somehow connected to hours or seconds..., even though hours and seconds are not a selection, such as starting at 2020-05-31 at 23:59:59 which theoretically sets the query to start 2020-06-01 at 00:00:01)  #geekout #details #theory

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