Creating custom field from several filtered Google conversion actions (to feature in a table)

The problem

My problem is this:

- In my report I report on 'Leads & Transactions' which refers to a few specific Google conversion actions, leaving out some others. Now reporting-wise, this is possible in a scorecard widget, but not together with other static values in a table obviously.

- What I want is to create a separate field (or column) that will display 'leads & transactions' per campaign (= dimension) in a table

- So only the conversion actions that I have filtered out should be filtered so they can be viewed on the campaign level in a table. 

- The reason why, is that this is our client's most important KPI when it comes to conversions and I want to be able to set a goal value in the table and display it in red if it's below 5 and green if it's 5 or more like so (only instead of 'actual-CPM' I want my own custom field 'Leads & Transactions' :


Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a custom field like this for separate Google conversion actions? 


  • Thank you for your question!

    If this type of a field is not available in our connector (you can check all available fields on our fields documentation, which I will link below), you can try and create a custom calculated field.
    More information on custom calculated fields:

    Please keep in mind that because custom fields are a Data Studio function, Supermetrics support cannot troubleshoot them - please turn to Google documentation, forum and support for these issues.

    Link to Supermetrics fields documentation:

    (I am assuming you are taking about Google Ads, but even if not, the answer is the same - only the fields document is wrong - please choose the correct one from the left side column once you click the link).

    Supermetrics Team

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