DataStudio - Gantt Chart: Row Order, Empty Rows and Campaign Groups

Hello, I bring three questions about features I would like to know. I have fiddled with the Gantt visualizer and I couldn't find ways for it to fit my needs, so before giving up I would like to know if the features I need exist, or if I just couldn't find them.

(1) - Control of Row Order: The chart seems to order first by StartDate, and then by whatever item I chose, but I need to have full control of the order in which rows appear.


(2) - Display items with empty dates: I would like to display empty rows with appropriate titles, in order to display placeholders for campaigns whose dates are yet to be decided. 


(3) - Different colored campaign groups: I need a visual indicator of activities within a group of campaigns. I have managed to hack around this by using the selection tool, but the results are not satisfactory. Maybe using a metric as a heatmap could be a workaround.

Thanks in advance.

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