Google Ads Call metrics & dimensions IllegalDimensionMetricCombinationException

Hi All,

  1. Does anyone else have issues when pulling call-related metrics from Google Ads via Supermetrics for Excel?
  2. Does anyone know where to find a Google Ads Metric & Dimension 'scope' and compatibility list? 


I can get Year, Month, Day of month, Calls, Phone call impressions, and Call rate to pull... but I'm looking to see what phone number received the call.

I'm attempting to pull metrics for "Split by" dimensions "Calls": Call status, Call source, Call type.... and have been unsuccessful. I've tried several metric combinations. 

In my experience, it is surprising that Metrics: Calls, Call impressions, and CAll rate (%) are not compatible with Split by dimensions "Calls": Call status, Call source, Call type....

Also included Supermetrics for Excel query error screenshots. See attached.

Does anyone have any suggestions/next steps?

Thanks, Michael

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