LinkedIn Authorization Error

I'm getting an error on LinkedIn sources across a few reports. It's asking me to re-authorize Supermetrics to use my LinkedIn account, but the process of authorizing is broken and it gives me an error (attached below). All of my Linkedin data are missing and showing as "no data". 

What would be the best way of fixing this? I have tried signing out and in again but it hasn't helped! 

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  • Same problem here. I'm also getting "This action is not supported while logged into multiple accounts in the same domain or multiple consumer accounts. Please log out and try again." when trying to reauthenticate.

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  • I am having the same issue. 

    Has anyone gotten a response from Supermetrics in the last 2 months?

  • I have the same issue and it happens all the time! I assume no one has heard from Supermetrics?

  • Why is this issue marked as solved when it is not @supermetrics

  • If anyone comes across this thread, I managed to fix this error by signing out of all Google accounts that my chrome browser was signed into (clicking my profile pic top right > "Sign out of all accounts"). When I attempted to reauthenticate it asked me which Google account to sign into, then it went successful. 

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