• Me neither... I cannot find any templates here. Indeed the stuff is written there is very complex, and I think it is suitable for professional SEOs rather than regular users. I prefer to apply more simple techniques but do them by myself, rather than paying SEO companies. I have just a blog, and I don’t see any point in paying someone to do SEO for me. I’ve read interesting info about the community backlinks for diversification. It says that Google loves backlinking to your site and blog, and this is one of the most efficient tools for SEO.

  • Neither do i... no templates are there. Everything written there is so much complicated. and i have a simple blog where i do all of my seo and link building totally by myself and trust me on one thing that is you don't need any agency to run your blog or build links for you. There are so many tools out there which you can use to build a successful website or blog.

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  • Hi!

    You may find the template for Google Search Console from the following link. If you have any particular questions regarding the following template, please feel free to let us know by submitting a ticket to our Support Team. 



    Team Supermetrics