How I Can Unlock New Functionality And Save Time Using Supermetrics

How I can update daily and would show month-to-date performance compared to the same period the previous month? This is sort of comparison might be useful in cases where the client has end-of-month sales, or other regular events within a month that would have a significant effect on their metrics.

  • Hi Lena,

    thanks for asking. Same period on previous month might be a bit difficult, but there are many other options on how to do this. Please go through this article for our Google Sheets (and Excel) product:

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • If you use the device, you recognize that there’s a lot of versatility provided via the add-on’s primary interface, a sidebar that uses a step-by-step procedure for importing data that offers customers the option to choose many metrics and also measurements, and also resource the information from different day varieties as well as accounts. Digital advertising and marketing nerds could conveniently get shed in the large versatility of the tool.

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