How to Automate Reports with SuperMetrics and Google Sheets?

Looking for the authentic answer please, I would like to automate reports with both of the above mentioned. Is this possible? If so can someone please let me know the process. Thank you!

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  • Enable the Supermetrics Add-On in Google Drive.

    This is a rather straightforward process, and it also allows you to sign up for your 30-day free trial.

    One caveat here is that the trial and (should you choose to stick with it) paid subscription will be linked to the Google Account you use. While it is possible to change this to a different user, we’d recommend getting this right from the start.

    We’d suggest, if you have multiple users who may be updating and altering queries, using some shared ‘Reporting’ Google Account.

    Once enabled, open any Google Sheet, and from the ‘Add Ons’ Menu, go to Supermetrics > Launch Sidebar.
    supermetrics launch sidebar screen

    From here, you can see the services you can access using the tool under ‘Data Sources’.
    supermetrics data sources screenshot

    Note that the free subscription only allows you to access Google Analytics, and only 50 rows at a time.

    Once you select the service you want to access, you will be prompted to log in to the account and provide Supermetrics with the relevant permissions to access your data.

  • Great stuff. Really helped me a lot. 

  • I have a same problem. Did you found working solution? If YES then tell me please. ‍ 

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