Combine instagram insights post data with facebook ads post boost data in a report

I need to create a report that shows post performance for Instagram posts on one of my accounts. From what I understand, the Instagram insights connector gives me data on the organic performance of a post while the Facebook ads connector gives me data on the boosted post performance. Essentially, if I add the post comments, post reactions, and post saves numbers from Facebook ads to the engagement number from Instagram insights - I get a number that matches the post performance report in the Instagram dashboard.

 What I need to figure out is a dimension that's common between Facebook ads & Instagram insights so that I can do a vLookup and combine the data. Can you help me out? 

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  • Hi Abhay,

    good question and you're correct. Organic data comes through Instagram Insights connector and paid data through Facebook Ads connector. 

    To my understanding from Instagram/Facebook documentation, in Facebook Ads "Promoted post Instagram ID" and in Instagram Insights "Media ID" should match each other.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • I am working on the same thing to try mapping the promoted result using facebook ads with the organic result from Instagram insights. Unfortunately the post instagram ID on facebook ads and media ID on instagram is not the same. Also the post link from this two source is different.

    Perhaps, some guys here are talking about this issue as well.

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