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Combine instagram insights post data with facebook ads post boost data in a report

I need to create a report that shows post performance for Instagram posts on one of my accounts. From what I understand, the Instagram insights connector gives me data on the organic performance of a post while the Facebook ads connector gives me data on the boosted post performance. Essentially, if I add the post comments, post reactions, and post saves numbers from Facebook ads to the engagement number from Instagram insights - I get a number that matches the post performance report in the Instagram dashboard.

 What I need to figure out is a dimension that's common between Facebook ads & Instagram insights so that I can do a vLookup and combine the data. Can you help me out? 

  • Hi Abhay,

    good question and you're correct. Organic data comes through Instagram Insights connector and paid data through Facebook Ads connector. 

    To my understanding from Instagram/Facebook documentation, in Facebook Ads "Promoted post Instagram ID" and in Instagram Insights "Media ID" should match each other.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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