blocking out customer identifiable information through the connection

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I am using supermetrics to connect our clients hubspot account to my google data sheet. However there has been a concern regarding data regulations in particular having access to the client customers identifiable information through this connection, do customer identifiable information get sent through supermetrics connection? if yes, is there a way that specific metrics can be pre determined by our client from their end of the connection so I only get access to the metrics we require for reporting which is not customer identifiable metric to avoid any data regulations that may a rise.

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  • Hi Mozi, 

    It's sadly not possible to pick specific metrics, however, it is possible to limit what data is available through Supermetrics based on the authenticating user's access to a HubSpot account and which scopes are granted during authentication. 

    It may be helpful to go through our privacy policy with your client:

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    - Supermetrics Team

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