Add Platform name as Dimension

Using the Data Studio connector and want to blend Google, Facebook and Linkedin Data and have a the spend for each displayed in a chart. Is there a way to pull the names of each platform into a blend as a dimension? 

I know if I used Google Sheets I could just add a platform row and then have the spend as a metric underneath it. But I'm unsure if it's possible to blend a Google Sheet with the platform names into Data studio connectors.

Any advice would be helpful.

  • This is a little tricky, but i had don it. 

    First of all you need a join key: In this case I would use the date dimention, to do this u have to do three mayor things.

    1. Duplicate the date dimentions in each source u wanna blend, and use them for the next step. this way u dont lose the original set.

    2 .Same date format in all sources  (edit each data source in data studio to get the same format, also u can verify this with a table  that show the extracting date)

    3. Edit all the names of the date dimetions u wanna combine to one name for all. Example: Date (all)

    Then You will able  to combine the sources in the same parameters.

    Do the point 3 for the all publisher platform dimentions and to all the metrics u wanna view in the same column for example:  Change or duplicate and change the all the clicks  metrics name to: Clicks (allplatforms).

    Hope this help you

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