Date Picker for Data Studio?

Hi - 

Does this community visualization component work with Google Ads or Analytics? Is there a resource to explain how? 



  • Hi Chris Larkin,

    Here you can find the "How to" report for the Date Picker:

    Make sure to select the right date and data source (e.g. Date source: "Google Analytics" and Date: "Date") you want to filter in the Date Picker data configuration.

    Make sure to have "Apply filter" enabled in the Date Picker data configuration.

    Note: The Date Picker behaves a bit different from Data Studio's native date picker due to some community visualization related technical filtering limitations :(


    - Touko, Data Studio Community Visualization Developer

  • Hi Touko - 

    We're still having trouble making this work and love the look/feel/concept -- is there any way the team could provide us (basic) step-by-step instructions? 

    Or maybe create a copy of the date picket report that we can edit -- so we can see how things are configured when it works as desired? 

    We would love to be able to filter by date in this way for things other than Google Analytics too -- but need your help getting started. 

    Thanks again - we love our Supermetrics connectors :-) 

  • Hi Chris Larkin,

    I'm afraid that we are unable to make the date picker work in this way. Currently it's unable to make Date Picker work on multiple datasets. We need to ask Google to make this feature enabled.

    I'll investigate creating report templates for our community visualizations.

    I can take a look on you report as well if you create a ticket about this issue :).


    - Touko, Data Studio Community Visualization Developer

  • Does that mean the date picker only works for Google Analytics? I couldn’t get that to work in my report. Also: have you considered releasing any of the source code to open source? Even if not, I’d be happy to improve the code to work for my needs if possible and return the updated code to you, granting all IP from enhancements to SuperMetrics at our expense for the developer time. I’ve been unable to find any tutorial or details about making custom components for Data Studio Thanks for reading - Christopher
  • There's a problem on your example page "Data Set Configuration Error" :(

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