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We moved the billing to a new company and I need to update the Payment Details (VAT, Email). How do I do this?


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  • I have a similar problem. After a renewal the billing info weren't upadated. How can i change the Payment details?

  •  How to do this?

  • Hi! 

    You should be able to update your credit card information by following the steps given in the following support guide: How to Update Credit Card Details. Please make sure the user account you are currently logged in with has sufficient permissions (Admin or Owner) to be able to update billing information.

    If you have successfully updated your credit card info ("Credit card was successfully updated" message appeared on the screen) but the payment method is displayed as "N/A" on the Team site, please let us know by submitting a ticket via support@supermetrics.com or through the Support Forum directly. 


    BR, Team Supermetrics 

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