Custom dimensions output to BigQuery


does anybody know if custom dimensions are output to all GA tables when using SM for Big Query? i.e. We would be looking to user the CD to stitch the tables together.

Any ideas gratefully received. 

BW Hugh

  • Hi Hugh,

    Please find all fields currently included within the schema here:

    We're releasing a custom schema builder later this year, which allows modifications to the default schemas.

    /Supermetrics support

  • Hi Teemu,

    thanks for sharing this. Just so I'm 100% clear:

    1. it looks like you currently don't include custom dimensions in the schema
    2. you are going to release a new customisable version of the schema later in the year so that users can add custom dimensions
    Are those above two assumptions correct?

    If the second is correct, can you say roughly when you expect this will be available.

    Best wishes, Hugh

  • Hello Hugh,

    1. Correct. Custom dimensions are not included in the current schema.

    2. Rough estimate is by the end of April. As the feature will require heavy testing, the release is subject to change.

    /Supermetrics support

  • Hi, 

    just following up on this. 

    Have custom dimensions now been aded to the schema?

    many thanks, Hugh

  • Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for keeping on top of the topic.

    We've recently released the Query Manager which allows you to build custom schemas.
    Please find introduction to the feature here:

    If you find any further questions, please don't hesitate to open a ticket or continue in this thread.

    -Supermetrics Support

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