Instagram Insights don't pull Profile Followers by date

Hi guys

someone know how can i get my profile followers day by day with the instagram insights conncetor? 

i'm trying to connect the data with Power BI and the only info that i can get from instagram insights about profile followers is the profile followers of the day!

It's really important for me to track growth of my page! Some tips? 

  • Hi, 

    The Instagram Insights API returns "Profile followers" as a snapshot of the follower count at the time of the query, so it is sadly not something we can change as the limitation is coming from the underlying Instagram Insights API. One suggestion is to manually collect historical data by querying the data over time into a tool that stores data like Sheets or Excel.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this API limitation!

    Best regards, 

    - Supermetrics Team

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