Is there a way to add content_ids or content_name into a Facebook conversions report?

Hi there-

I'm currently running  multiple catalog campaigns for a client, and I'm wondering if there is a way to create a report that shows which actual products have been purchased, in addition to overall purchases from the campaign? I feel like there should be a way to do it using content_id or content_name, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

I can see how to do it if I manually create custom conversions for every product, and then use Action Type to see which custom conversions received actions, but it's a very manual process and I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants to see which products are selling from both PC & PV impressions.

Any insight would be appreciated!



  • Hi Angie,

    currently the way you're doing it through Action Type is unfortunately the only way. We're currently trying to find a way to utilise any conversions better in queries but that project is still taking some time. Sorry that we cannot help you at least yet.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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