Cost per new messaging conversation - issue on fb ads connector


I've been trying to report a FB Ads campaign on DataStudio but the metrics regarding messaging just don't work. 

It shows "no data" or a different number from Business Manager. 

Has anyone faced the same issue?

Thanks :) 

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  • As this is one type of a conversion from the "Results" column within Facebook Ads Manager, you will be able to get the data you want following these steps:

    How to Query for Facebook Ads Custom Conversions

    I.e. by creating a query where you split "Actions" by "Action type".

    Best reagards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm reporting on a campaign with a messaging goal. But the "Messaging conversion stared" shows null, when there is data to show. I couldn't see how that article could help me with this. Can you better explain how to solve this particular problem.


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