Images displaying as URLs from LinkedIn Creative Destination URL

Using Datastudio for LinkedIn Ad performance, need Ad Images

I updated the 'Show As' to image for the Creative Destination URL (only URL I can find in datastudio for the image of the ad) and it still shows as a URL. 

  • Hi Emma, 

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Kindly refer to the support article linked below, it explains how to add images to your report from URL fields: 

    How to Add Images/Creatives to Your Report from URL Fields

    Please let us know if you have any questions. 

    Best regards, 

    Zainab / Supermetrics

  • Hello!

    I've tried all of those methods, and it is still showing as a URL; or it isn't an option to do Image. What is the dimension for the Ad Creative for the LinkedIn Ads data source? Maybe that is my problem.


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