I can't update data on Google

I can't update the data on Google. Super metrics refresh tools do not appear

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  • Same here. Nothing shows under add-ons so I'm thinking it may be a Google sheets issue?

  • It just re-appeared for me. Try refreshing now.

  • This happens to me also.. i'm thinking google sheets add on related because no add-on installed appears..

    Also supermetrics last time I saw said "install add-on" and could launch sidebar

  • mine was wonky and now it's gone :(

  • Hi thanks for reporting. It seems the issue is resolved. Most likely a temporary failure for all addons. Please let us know if you're still facing issue.

    Best regards

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi

    It shows now.. thing is, I think it lost the saved scheduled queries.. nothing I had scheduled ran today yet.. had to manually force it.. 

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