Join CPC of Keyword Planner With Search Console Queries

Hi There,

In Google Data Studio I want to create a connection between the Search Console and Google Ads Keyword datas. 

I started to use Supermetrics in the hope it can give me CPCs of the queries that Search Console shows me rankings for.

I tried to do a Join Key with "Queries" from Search Console and "Keyword Text" from Google Ads (Supermetrics), then I have tried every CPC-Variable which was available but I just got always "null" . 

Our goal is basically that we want to say our clients "Look if you would have paid for this amount of clicks on Google Ads then you would have paid X-amount".

Is this a good approach or do you have a better idea for doing it? 

I already have an manual solution with putting the CPC from Keywordplanner in a Google Sheet in connection with a Search Console Query export but I actually want to get it automatically, and Supermetrics is my last hope. 

Thank you!



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