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Simply, this isn't working.  I'm trying to get the 'Image Asset Hash' and 'Image Asset Name' for my ads, so I can use those to easily re-use images that are already uploaded when the product comes back in stock.  I'm using Google Sheets to construct a 'Bulk Upload' file, and so if a product that we promoted in the past comes back in stock, it can then use the 'Image Hash' to define which photo it should use for the renewed ad.

So how to use this?  Are there constraints?  I'm just trying to get Ad Set Id, Ad Id, Ad Name and then the Hash and Name of the images.  I've tried for a short period and for a long period, I tried including a Metric (Impressions) and without.  Every time when I add 'Image Asset Hash' or 'Image Asset Name' (or Id, tried as well), it returns empty.

Thanks for helping me out!

  • Thanks for reaching out.

    There shouldn't be any constraints to pull data with the combination of dimensions you've listed. Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce the issue and would need to look into details. I've sent you a PM.


    Teemu / Supermetrics

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