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I want to display the total number of followers from different social networks. I have a company with accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Is it a way to blend/sum the number of followers per network and present ONE total number?



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  • Following this thread! I've been having issues getting this to blend correctly. 

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    It is possible to blend and sum the total number of followers/ likes from different social networks using the blending feature and the calculated field from Data Studio.

    For example, you can set up a blended data source like below:

    Then use calculated field from Data Studio: Add metrics --> CREATE FIELD to sum all metrics together. 


    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi! Thanks for the info on the data blending Aurora. Could this be used in historical graphs as well?

    Maybe you get my idea through the example-screenshot I shared as an attachment. 

  • Hey, I've tried the method shown here but it doesn't work for me



    anyone can help me understand why?

  • Hi all,

    @Jesse: These metrics are lifetime metrics which show a snapshot of your total followers from your social networks. Unfortunately, this solution does not apply for historical graphs. I'd recommend you try the fields that can be broken down by timestamp dimensions, e.g. New likes (Facebook Insights), New followers (Instagram Insights), etc, and use "Date" as a joined key to join these fields together. 

    @Stephanie: The invalid formula might be caused by this issue from Data Studio. Could you please follow this thread from Data Studio to see if it can be resolved?


    Supermetrics Team

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