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We're trying to align conversions across Google and Facebook using the Ad Data + Google Analytics connector. Our conversions match for Google Ads campaigns using the "website conversions" field; however, this field is returning a wildly incorrect value for all Facebook campaigns. This value looks to be including ALL conversion events, not just purchases. Is there a way to use only purchases in this connector for Facebook?

I tried a work around to blend data from the separate Google Ads and Facebook Ads connectors, but joining on date and campaign name would only show data for the left side of the join. Open to this as a solution if the join can be corrected.

Many thanks!  

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  • Hello,

    Ad Data + Google Analytics connector has a limited set of metrics which are proofed to be compilable across all platforms.

    You're going the right way on trying to achieve this with the blend feature. If you see null results after first data source from the left, it means the join keys are not able to find the correct data. Usually this is fixed by adjusting the data type or of the field.

    Generally data-blending is out of our scope but I am willing to check your file and requested access in PM.

  • Im have the same problem here.  Google ads are correct but Facebook conversions are so far off.  For a given time frame, Facebook shows 44,677 websites conversions but the Supermetrics connector is showing 3,538,438 for the same time frame.  Can't seem to fine a metric that has that number so I am not sure where SuperMetrics is pulling that.

    I currently use Blending but it gets really tricky with more campaigns.  Would love to use the Ad Data + Google Analytics data source if it can get working correctly.

  • I have the same problem

    Waiting for an answer from the work team.

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  • Did anyone solve this probleme? 

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