Google Analytics No Data Found

Hi Supermetrics team, I have been looking for a way to export all unique pageview data vs. Source/Medium for a specific Page. But, in Supermetrics the naming is different, so I can't seem to find what 'page' translates to when filling in"split by" and 'filter' factors. I have these options: Page Depth, Page Title (which I picked now, seemed obvious) and Page Path.  

In attachment, you can see what I entered now, and maybe you can see my mistake and help me out. Would be very much appreciated! 

  • If Google Analytics is tracking correctly, the Summary tab should give you an idea of how many people are on your site at that very moment. Test it out yourself – open your site in another tab, then refresh the Summary If your Google Analytics code is working, you should be able to see data on this page.