API Query - Facebook Conversions - Attribution Windows

- I need to break out the action type for Facebook, by the conversion window (1 day View, 7 day click). 

- I have selected the metrics: 'Conversions within 1 day of view' and 'Conversions within 7 days of click'

However when I filter for 1 day view, 7 day click attribution window, I don't get any results. When I set it to the default window (28 day) I get results in the 1 day view and 7 day click breakdown. 


I want to know which conversion window is being reported in the 1 day / 7 day breakdown?

  • Hi Ruby,

    to our knowledge, any conversion can be measured with any conversion window. You can test whether you should get any results with Supermetrics by changing the conversion window on Facebook Ads own reporting to 7 day click + 1 day view.

    If the query setup matches completely between Supermetrics and Facebooks own reporting tools and you see different results, please send us a private ticket about it with full page screenshots from both and we'll look in to it.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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