Gantt Chart

Thanks for creating the Gantt Chart.

But I have trouble making the chart behave in the manner I want.
I have set up my data as you have in the Dummy Data. But I would like to have multiple starts and stop dates for the same Campaign. Basically, reactivating the campaigns as they get reactivated. please see attached picture (a simplified version) where "Market Research" has two periods.

Is that possible with your visualization?

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  • I am facing the same issue of ISM eMarketing, everything was right set-up but the graph area remains blank.

  • Hello, 

    I am having a problem with the Gantt Chart because it does not filter according a drop-down list filter control that I added to the same page. The filter is for a dimension, which I have added to the dimensions pane of the Gantt chart as well.

    Essentially my data is setup with Column A as the dimension, a list of projects. Column B is the project stage i.e. kick-off to wrap up, which are the same for each project. Column C is the start date for each stage and Column D is the end date. Therefore, each stage is repeated for N projects in Column B and each project is repeated for N stages in Column A (see below).

    Column A                     Column B

    Project 1                       Stage 1

    Project 1                       Stage 2

    Project 1                       Stage 3

    Project 2                       Stage 1

    Project 2                       Stage 2

    Project 2                       Stage 3

     I get a long list of stage/projects when I put the stages in the Y-axis field and projects in the dimensions field, as expected. But when I filter for a single project, I would expect that only the stages of that project would be displayed, so there would be no repetition. However, the Gantt chart does not seem to filter at all.

    I would provide more screenshots but the data is semi-confidential. If required, I can try to recreate the situation with fake data.

    Please, let me know how to proceed.


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