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Gantt Chart

Thanks for creating the Gantt Chart.

But I have trouble making the chart behave in the manner I want.
I have set up my data as you have in the Dummy Data. But I would like to have multiple starts and stop dates for the same Campaign. Basically, reactivating the campaigns as they get reactivated. please see attached picture (a simplified version) where "Market Research" has two periods.

Is that possible with your visualization?

  • Hi Khalid,

    that's an excellent question. Quite many data sources do have campaign start and end date fields available that you could use for this. Though out of blue I don't know if Data Studio has Gantt Chart available. Please note that visualizations are provided by Google in to Data Studio.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jouni,

    I found this:

    Which is a Gantt chart that Supermetrics have created for Data Studio, meaning that this is not provided by Google.

    That is the chart that I am asking towards



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