Hubspot Amount Changes When Deals Are Included


I'm trying to make sense of our Hubspot data in Supermetrics.

If I create a table using the "Amount" metric to measure the summative value quoted for clients through different channels, I get different results depending on whether or not I include deal information.

For example, if I create a table measuring:

- Dimension: Original Source

- Metric: Amount

and add a summary row, I'll see the total amount as $29.238 million.

However, if I add the "Deals" metric, that total amount in the summary row will increase to more than $40 million.

Further, adding the "Deal Name" metric changes attribution. If I create a chart with the following fields:

- First Page seen

- Amount

The data only seems to change if I use a metric. If I add "Deal Name" as a dimension, the number says the same; however, if I add count of "Deal Names" as a metric, the sum of "Amount" will change again.

Why is the sum changing, and which form of data should I trust?

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