Facebook Ads query refreshed successfully, but data is incomplete/old.

We have a query that grabs past 31 days cost data from multiple Facebook accounts, used for cost forecasting and budget control.

Today we noticed that the query is only pulling data through to 15th December, which is two days ago. 

The trigger refreshed successfully this morning at 4am, there are no reported issues, but it's missing a day of data. 

It's quite concerning that a trigger could refresh 'successfully' when it's actually failed to refresh. This could lead to under forecasting spend, which could in turn lead to people increasing spend on their accounts. 

Is anyone else having this problem?

Many thanks,
Henry Carless

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  • Yes, experiencing this too - trying to pull yesterdays data, and it runs successfully without actually updating valid data.

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  • I've had the same issue for two weeks now 

  • Feedback via support ticket was:
    "Due to Facebooks own system issues that affect query success, we have had to implement longer than usual caching in order to not break dashboards with “no data” errors and/or null data results.


    After receiving complaints about data freshness, we have made a tweak and at the moment query caching is set so that every hour, queries should get fresh data from Facebook. In case there is a “No data” issue in the query, the caching is considerably longer, to make sure the dashboard displays data instead of the “no data” result.


    We understand that this is not optimal or downright disruptive in some cases, but unfortunately we must do it this way, or risk causing even more trouble and worse issues on the Facebook Ads connector.


    Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this situation causes for you. We are trying to contact Facebook to get this sorted."

    I responded expressing serious concern about this 'solution' and was told....

    I have put forward your feedback to my superiors, this is indeed as you say it is and while I cannot comment on it officially, I am sure that there will be changes in how this kind of situations are handled in the future."

    It would be great to get an official update from Supermetrics as to how this is being handled, because people are currently left in the dark about the issue and confused as to why their queries are returning incorrect results while 'successfully' triggering. 

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