Supermetrics Google Sheets - Google Analytics Refresh Failed - "Error: We are unable to process your query at the moment."

Anyone getting the following error message on Supermetrics Google Sheets for Google Analytics:

"Error: We are unable to process your query at the moment."

I have tried re-logging into account, refreshing etc

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  • I have the same issue!

  • same here

  • There is a known issue with Google Analytics connector. Please check the following support article for additional information:

    Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We will keep you updated!

    - Supermetrics Team

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  • Same here!

  • Same here!!!!!!

  • same here

  • same!

  • Hi,

    Google indeed had an issue which affected connections to the Google Analytics API at random. This affected most Google Analytics API products. The problems were acknowledged and fixed by Google in the past few hours and Supermetrics queries are back to normal. 
    We are still awaiting word on the exact cause and how it will be prevented in the future on Google's end.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. If you still see any further issues with your queries, do not hesitate to submit us a private ticket at:

    - Supermetrics Team