Can Supermetrics for Google Sheets pull Ads bid strategy, campaign type, networks, etc.?

I'm using the paid version of Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

I was hoping to pull account / campaign settings like budget, status, bid strategy, campaign type, networks, etc. into Sheets.

Is this possible?

  • Hi,

    It depends on the data source, but generally this is possible. Please take a look at the field lists for the sources we support to see if we do offer those fields:

    If you find that it is missing, then please follow these instructions for requesting new fields:
    Requesting Missing Metrics and Dimensions

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Support
  • I see that the fields are there. Like biddingstrategy for example.


    But when I type in part of the field name, Supermetrics doesn’t show that field as available. Any ideas? See attachments.

    (37.7 KB)
    (90.5 KB)
  • Hi,

    Those are dimensions, not metrics, so you need to check the other section below - Split by - for these fields.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Excellent. Thanks. 

    One last question. Ever since I upgraded to Supermetrics for Google Ads access for Google Sheets, my filter selection window looks like this. 


  • Hi,

    Please clear your browser cookies and cache - something bad was probably saved due some unsuccessful code changes recently, so you need to delete those and re-open the sidebar to fetch fresh copies of our scripts.

    If the issue persists, please submit a new request with the version number of the sidebar (should be listed at the very bottom), your browser type and version, and your screen resolution.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team