Query refreshed successfully but missing data from certain accounts (Google Ads, multiple accounts)

We're using the Google Sheets plugin to pull through Google Ads data for around 12 accounts. Recently we've run into problems where the query runs successfully and reports no sampling, but data for two of the accounts is missing. Sometimes manually refreshing the data will work, but we need this to work consistently via the trigger. Is this a known issue?

Many thanks,

  • Hi Henry,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Which type of campaigns are the ones that are missing? There are still a couple campaign types we don't yet support, for example "App engagements".

    However since you say you can get the campaigns through manual refresh, I suspect the issue is just with the trigger, or that there are multiple queries overlapping each other.

    Please start by checking the (possibly hidden) SupermetricsQueries sheet, and the Range Address column in it. Is there more than one query pointing to the same cell range? If so, please delete the one you don't need.

    Second, please delete the existing trigger in the sheet, and create a new one. This is just to clear the trigger from any cached data.

    Let us know if this helped, thanks!


    Heidi / Supermetrics

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