FB Query - Query Failed : Error:null

I get an error when trying to pull the following query:

Query Dimensions:

Date, Campaign ID, Campaign name, Ad ID, Ad Name, Ad set ID, Ad set name

Query Metrics:

Impressions, Link clicks, Amount spent

What is this error and what can I do to run this query?

Thank you

  • Hi Abhishek,

    You might be running into this issue which affects larger, detailed queries like the one you are doing, which is both daily and down to the ad level:
    Facebook failed to return data for your query - Known Issue with Facebook Service

    As noted in the article, you can work around this by removing dimensions from the query to simplify it or pull a shorter date range.

    If you still get the error with a simplified query running for a short period of time, then let us know so we can gather additional information from you to investigate.

    ​-Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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