Facebook Insights + Data Studio Issue with page data


I'm trying to extract information for one of my Facebook pages, but the connector with Data Studio doesn't return any information. I have other pages that give me the required data, but not this one.

Besides, I tried the Google Sheets connector and it worked... I don't know what could happen.


  • Hi Francesc,

    It may be that the page hasn't yet hit the likes limit required to get insights data. Please see this guide that details this issue:
    Insights Restrictions for Pages With Under 100 Likes

    If that is not the issue, that is has more than 100 likes, then please let us know so we can then gather further details from you.

    ​-Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

  • Thanks for your answer Jessica,

    We have more than 100 likes/followers:


    This is the page I'm talking about:



  • Hi Francesc,

    Ah ok, then that should be fine to get the insights. The issue is then probably a configuration problem in Data Studio (like filtering). I will reply privately to get the report details.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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