How do you sum together the Conversions field from Ad Data + Analytics with the Leads (forms) metric from Facebook Ads?

I’m trying to blend together my Ad Data + Analytics and Facebook Ads data sources IN Data studio so I can combine the Conversions field from Ad Data + Analytics with the Leads (forms) metric from Facebook Ads.

I used the Campaign/Campaign Name and Date as join keys and created a Calculated Field adding Conversions and Leads (forms) together, however, null metrics are overriding numerical metrics, resulting in only summing campaigns that had BOTH values for Conversions and Leads (forms), and replacing anything else with a null value as seen in the attached screenshot for the Blend calculated field.

I tried creating a secondary Leads (forms) calculated field recommended by Supermetrics using the below formula, however, I get an error message and am unable to process the calculated field.


  WHEN Leads (form) IS NULL THEN 0

  ELSE Leads (form)


Error: Field name contains invalid table alias: t0._action_leadgen_DOT_other_.


  • What am I doing wrong here? Why is Data Studio unable to process the same CASE argument that Supermetrics itself recommends for this type of operation? Link to source
  • If I am way off base here, how else can I create a table that is able to sum together the Conversions field from Ad Data + Analytics with the Leads (forms) metric from Facebook Ads?

  • Having the same issue but with adding Adwords calls with GA goals. Adwords calls are returned "null" and get the same alias error with the case when formula to remove nulls.

    Any solution out there?


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