How to connect to Yahoo Japan advertising service?

Please let us know how to connect supermetrics to Yahoo Japan advertising service ( Yahoo! promotion adsĀ  and YDN ).

We already have API account for Yahoo Japan promotion ads and YDN, but we don't know how to connect API to supermetorics.

Could you tell me the steps to connect Yahoo Japan ads?

  • Hi,

    Sadly we do not have a connector that natively supports Yahoo Japan, just Yahoo Gemini.

    If you do have a API account and can get the data as JSON format from their API, you could try to use the Custom JSON/CSV connector we have to get the data that way. For more information about that connector please see:

    Note that if their API requires OAuth authentication, that connector does not support that. We can only use basic authentication, open access, or have a API key given in the URL.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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