Facebook Insights - Filter to only Organic Results?

Hi SM Team - 

Searched all over and can't figure this out. I prepare separate reports for both Facebook Organic and our Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is doing fine, but it looks like a lot of the Ad date is blending in to the Facebook Organic.

For example, when I look at Total Impressions, it has blown up since January 2019 (the same month we started paid spend) while Organic Impressions has remained relatively flat. The issue I need help with is when it comes to things like 'Content Clicks' and other engagement metrics.  


As you see, Content Clicks has also gone way up starting in Jan 2019 and it's obvious this correlates with paid spend (to the day). 

Is there any way to create a report-wide filter that takes out ALL of the data that has to do with Facebook Ads and only look at the Organic portion?

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  • Hi David,

    Only if there's a specific "organic" version of the metric can you do this with Facebook Insights - so these are the options available in our tool:
    -Organic Reach (page and post versions)
    -Organic reach of posts
    -% of reach from organic
    -Organic Impressions (page and post versions)
    -Organic impressions of posts
    -Organic video views
    -Organic video view time (s)
    -Organic 30s video views
    -Organic watch 30s rate (%)
    -Organic watch 10s rate (%)    

    Unfortunately for content clicks, there's no organic-specific version it and it covers any action on the page, regardless of why
    the action was generated, so it will include paid actions.

    I'm sorry that the API's limitations don't let you get this for other kinds of metrics. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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