DBM report with dim gender or age or user list + additional question on number of user cookies reached metric


I am not able to pull multiple metrics/dimensions for DBM queries  :

- I would like to split line item results per gender, per age and/or per user list (third parti interests for instance). Can you please tell me which dimensions/metrics are compatible with these dimensions ?

- Same question for the metric Number of user cookies reached 

Thanks a lot for your help :  )

Kind regards


  • Hi Valentin,

    I'm sorry to tell you that we don't have a mapping of DBM field compatibility available, since there isn't one provided by DBM API. We've been planning on creating such mapping, but with our current system it would be a manually maintained list, which is not manageable unfortunately. So for now, you'll need to test run the report you need, and if any errors appear, change the chosen fields (or filters!). 

    Apologies for any inconveniences!

    -Heidi / Supermetrics

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