LinkedIn Company Pages: Cant see metric for video views


I bought super metrics a couple of days ago so maybe I'm missing something super obvious - but where do I find the metric for video views with the LinkedIn company pages connector? I'm using the google sheets connector.

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  • Hi Abhay,

    Sadly, we don't support that field at this time. But it looks like there's a feature request to add this already in the backlog, so I will just add the case information to that as someone who is interested. We can then let you know when it is added int the future.

    ​-Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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  • Any news on when this will be added?

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  • +1 Looking forward for it 

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  • LinkedIn has a video analytics API, can this be used by SuperMetrics?

    Is a real gap that I cannot report on video posts for Data Studio using the LinkedIn company pages connector, we are increasingly posting videos across social

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  • Any Update on this? I recently bought supermetrics and it seems like there's dozens of caveats which basically means I'm back to pulling metrics manually

  • Is anyone managing to pull through video updates at all?  I can't even seem to pull them through to datastudio?

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  • Hi All,

    We sadly still don't support these yet. 

    We attempted to add the feature at the start of the year, but due to how the API is designed around these, it was incredibly slow to get the data at any volume (it appeared that you had to request each video with one metric at a time, and then stitch the results. Each video needed like 10 requests to get all the data for it.). It was functionally unusable. So we tabled the feature until we could see there was some improvement in the API, given that it was still an early version when we tried this.

    We recognize this is an import functionally and we will re-attempt adding video metrics in the future, once we have a better Video API from LinkedIn or a better understanding of the existing one that we can work around the slowness.

    Thank you,


    Product Manager - Connectors

  • +1, let me know when it will be available

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  • +1, also the same thing for carousel posts.

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  • +1 Still waiting for this!!!

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  • + 1
    Very in need of this.

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