No Data or inaccurate data for Best Facebook Post

We have a report for several branches so on one of the page, we want to show the top 10 best facebook post based on reactions. However, often, the table shows nothing (no data) or it omits a lot of posts or puts the wrong link or the wrong page name. I don't know where the issue comes from as the data in google sheet is correct. 

Upon refreshing, I get again either no data or partial data or wrong data over and over again

  • Hi Bertrand,

    If the data is pulled by our connector into Google Sheets and that data is fine there, and then you read that into Data Studio, then it sounds like the Google Sheet's connector for DS is the problem. As we don't offer support for non-Supermetrics connectors, you will need to seek assistance from Google for this:

    If the data in the Sheet is wrong though, please submit a private ticket with the details about the issues in the Sheet, including a link to the file and screenshots showing what the data should be:

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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