Facebook insights gender/age data - what is available

I am using Facebook Insights and have tested a ton of metrics to see what is available at a gender or age level, and so far the only metric I can successfully import with Gender as a "split by" variable is for "Total Likes".

Are there any other metrics that you can pull by gender or age, or is there somewhere I can find this out?

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  • Hi Nick,

    These are odd because they aren't true dimension splits, it actually a demographic specifically attached to a metric. To it's very specific and very limited.
    If you check there, anything that lists "by_age_gender_" or "by_gender_age" in the metric name is something that works with gender and age.

    In short, there's Page Likes (aka pan fans), Page Views, Page impressions unique, some of the page CTA click metrics, checkins, and post video view time. That's about it.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
  • Hey Jessica, I know that according to your answer and according to the devloper doc, in theory, you should be able to pull those things, but I see below for each of the specific ones you mentioned:

    Page Likes - yes, this works only for "Total Likes"

    Page Views - there is a field called "Total Page Views", but it does not work in Supermetrics for Excel (

    Page Impressions Unique - there are no fields available for Page Impressions (there is a field for Total Impressions under Content, but this does not work)

    I have tested the others and was not able to execute or locate them either. Can you please test on your end and let me know what you find? I appreciate the answer, but without you actually confirming it works, it doesn't help me, as it does not work on my end or those fields don't exist on my end.

  • Hi,

    Page impressions unique is called "Total reach" in the tool, that does work.

    Page impressions is called "Total impressions" and that does not work (and is not listed as a metric that does work, so this is correct).

    Page views is called "Total page views" and that does not work (but it should, that's a bug and I've reported it).

    "Check-ins" works.

    We don't support the CTA click metrics currently so I can't test those (those the Call-To-Action buttons - if you are using that and want to track it I need to put in a feature request to add the metrics).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics team

  • Hey Jessica, really appreciate you hopping in and trying it out. Thank you so much for the clarification!

  • Oops - this was fixed some time ago and we didn't reply back!

    Specifically "page_views_by_age_gender_logged_in_unique" was the broken one, which we call "People visiting your page". "Total page views" is not supported by the API, I apologize I used field name, it should be the unique version which is "People visiting your page", split by the demographic dimensions. For example "Gender & Age", as shown here:

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team