UAC asset performance reporting


I was wondering if it is possible to report the performance of assets in an UAC campaign? We can see the details on the Google Ads panel and download them as an excel file. However I'd like to automatize the process and report them on google sheets then maybe on data studio as well. Is there any feature like this or any option that can help me with reporting? 

Another similar question of mine is about responsive display ads. I can report on sheets and data studio with the image urls. I need asset performance detail as well like stated in the panel "Best, low, good". 

Your help is appreciated. 


  • Hi Cansu,

    Thank you for your request! 

    To help us with process, please see the guide for Requesting Missing Metrics and Dimensions for what to check and what we need to make the feature request to have the fields added. 

    Once it is confirmed that the data source's API supports the field you are asking for and you provide the information needed in step #3, then we can put in the feature request to the developer team. Please be aware that the process to add the new fields may take some time, so we appreciate your patience.
    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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