Instagram Profile Reach not working


Does anybody else have the problem that "profile reach" for Instagram is not working when you include it as a single number? It only says "Keine Daten" which means no data.

It only works as a graph. See screenshot. Please help, thanks

  • Hi David,

    This error can happen as your date range is outside the acceptable options - like Facebook reach, it only works for ranges of 1-day, 7-days, and 28-days. If you set it for say, year to date, then it will fail as it's not within the bounds the API will accept (but it why the graph over time works, as each point is requested split by day or week or month).

    So please check your date range settings for the scorecard and adjust it to fit within one of those ranges, and then it should work.
    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
  • I'm having a problem: The query on Instagram Profile Reach is returning a 0 for every month. It should return, as usual, the 28-days reach for each profile.

  • Hi Gustavo,

    Please submit a new ticket or start a new thread for this. This thread is over a year old and not exactly relevant to your issue. I'm going to lock this due to its age.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team