Data Studio FB custom conversions blended data - not getting metrics for dates without conversions

Hi there - we've followed the above guide to blend our data to get custom conversions (CC) data together with other metrics such as spend.

We are facing an issue though, due to the action type filter the data that is displayed is only for days when there were custom conversions.

Because of this we get for example the correct CC value but the spend total is just for the days when there were conversions.

Are there any workarounds to this or are we limited by the FB data structure here?

  • Just some extra info; the above result is when we have Date in the join keys together with Campaign ID which is essentially causing the issue.

    However, if we only add Date to either of the two FB data sources (custom conversions or rest of metrics) within the blended data source the one without the Date doesn't get filtered on the date...

    I can see that this must be why you apply a date filter for the data sources within the blended data source but we want to be able to use a date filter on page.

    I think thats a drawback of the structure and there might not be a workaround but would welcome any feedback.

  • Good question and thanks for the extra details. 

    As much as we'd like to improve on the Data Studio data blending functionality, unfortunately it's completely on Data Studios side and we have no access for it. Therefore the only way that we can think, is to first bring the data in to Google Sheets or for example BigQuery with Supermetrics and then create the blended metrics of it.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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