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DV360 : Revenue (Advertiser) field not having data

Dear community,

Using Google Display & Video 360 data source, revenue (advertiser) field is not having any data. 
Would you know why ? Please see the attached screenshot : "null" value is return.

Massive thanks for your help

(23.8 KB)
  • Hi Thomas,

    thanks for your question.

    Can you produce the same report in DV360 interface, and get a value for "Revenue (Advertiser)"? 

    If you can see a result turning up there but Supermetrics can't fetch it, then there might be an issue with the field. 

    Unfortunately we don't have testing data for this particular scenario, so we can't test on our side.

    Let us know, thanks!

    -Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Thanks for the reply Heidi

    Yes in DV360 there is a value. It looks to me there is an issue with the field in the way SM pull data from DV360.
    We found a work around using the "Revenue" field based on Partner account currency, but it makes have calculated field not possible to re-use un formulas limiting a bit. 

    Many thanks

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