How do I duplicate a Google Sheet with queries into a different existing Google Sheet?

I created a sheet with 30+ queries in it and my client wants the data added to a different sheet that has multiple tabs full of information in it. I know how to duplicate a Sheet into a new Sheet, but how do I duplicate into an existing one? Thanks!

  • Hello,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    In Google Sheets you are able to copy a sheet into an Existing spreasheet by clicking the downarrow next to the SupermetricsQueries tab.

    1. Copy the SupermetricsQueries tab to the existing spreadsheet

    2. Rename the sheet from 'Copy of SupermetricsQueries' to 'SupermetricsQueries'

    3. Follow instructions in this article section #2

        - Please note that you need to assign new Range address in Column AP according to the existing spreadsheet arrangement

        - Remember to delete any query inputs in columns A, D & E

    4. Refresh all queries from the side panel

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