Post Saves Facebook Metric

Facebook has recently added a new metric that tracks post saves. Are there any plans to add this into the Data Studio connector? How often are new metrics added to data sources?

  • Hi Kevin,

    If it was just added into the Facebook UI, it's probably not going to be added into their API for a while, and we can't add it until it's within the API.

    If you want to check, this is the current API version we are using:
    If there is a metric for that already, we can put in a feature request to add it. Otherwise, we have to wait until it is in the API.

    For your other question, we generally add new fields by user request (as it's not feasible or reasonable to add every single field an API can support in most cases). So we wait until a user requests it to know that it's actually wanted to add it.
    Requesting Missing Metrics and Dimensions

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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