How do we access Facebook Leads with Supermetrics?

How do we access Facebook Leads at all? There seems to be plenty of opportunity to access Facebook Ad metrics, but absolutely no way to access the list of Facebook Leads.

These are the fields that we need to import into Google Sheets:

Campaign Name
Ad Set Name
Full Name
Phone Number

Has this functionality been removed from Supermetrics (by Facebook)? I heard there was some pullback from Facebook regarding their Facebook Leads API.

  • Hi Paul, 

    We do support getting leads data from the page forms (we can't if its offsite leads, then we only get the conversion count). The fields we can get data for are listed under "Lead Ads" section of the field list:

    Note that you may need higher permissions in the business manager to be able to request these from the API.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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  • For anyone coming across this post and not finding the Facebook Ad Fields listing helpful: these are all Dimensions (dim) and not Metrics (met). When adding it to a report, make sure to add them to the "Split by" section rather than the "Select metrics" section.

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  • Hi there, 

    I got a Lead form that has more than 6 fields, because of that I can't bring these other data fields into a table (Google Sheets). Theres any chance to add another dimetion called "Lead field 7,8, 9 value" or can I create a dimention  that shows these other fields somehow?

    PD:  I can see the fields that I need if I select "Lead Info" dim. But i needed them separetly 

    Also I wondering why this "Lead ads fields" are only viewable in google sheets and not in DataStudio connector?.

  • Hi,

    I put in a feature request to see of we can add additional fields for the rest of the Lead form elements.

    As for it missing in Data Studio - I checked and confirmed those fields are also visible there. 

    You may then need to refresh your field list as it may be stale:

    If you continue to have issues with not seeing the fields, kindly create a new thread or submit a private ticket so we can help you directly with that issue.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics team

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