Data exported from supermetrics didn't match with Facebook Ads Data

 Hello I have two problem during preparing monthly reports in Data Studio.

The data showing for Reach metrics in Scorecard didn't match with the Reach metric in the Graph. It is happending with almost all acounts.

Please see attached file.

Another problem is the metrics showing in Data Studio for our brand  "Land Rover" didn't match with Facebook Ads data.

Please see attached screenshot too.

Please help guide us why this is happening.

  •  By the way, we have already checked to make sure the data source is correct.

  • Hi Than,

    Please check these two guides as they are the most common causes of data discrepancies with Facebook Ads in Data Studio:
    Discrepancies in Data Studio When Using a Filter
    If that doesn't help resolve the issue, please let us know so we can ask you privately for more information to investigate.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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  • Also I noticed you put this in the Sheets forum and not the Data Studio one - if you are collecting the raw data in Sheets to import into data Studio, do may sure you are not summing daily values for Reach - it will lead to problems as the same users who were reached on different days will be counted multiple times with this. Pull the whole period instead for the scorecard to get a true value (or use the Data Studio connector instead).

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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  •  Hello Jessica, thank you so much for your support. But unfortunately it didn't help resolve the issue, can you privately contact us for more information to investigate. Ours is &