Automatic refresh stopped working for multiple clients

Hi there,

I've recently come across a problem within the last month with a select few clients (maybe 25% of my clients or so), where none of my automatic refreshes I've previously set up (to be refreshed once per day) are actually executing. The queries are still active and set to refresh daily, but none are actually executing unless I manually execute them. Nothing changed with the set up, they simply just stopped executing automatically. And it's all queries on a sheet, regardless of data source, and data sources include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Criteo, API, Analytics etc.

Anyone else see similar issues and find a solution? Supermetrics hasn't been able to find a solution for me yet, so figured I'd reach out here. It really affects some of my reports which require a daily refresh or else I am missing data (and thus have to set up new queries to grab the missing data).

I actually just noticed while writing this that by just opening the google doc the refresh will automatically run without manually executing, but it won't run on a day when I don't open the Google Doc. Seems really strange to me, anyone else have this happen?



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  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with Supermetrics trigger execution.

    I see you're talking to my colleague about the subject, but I just wanted to jump in here to perhaps give some additional pointers on how to solve it. First of all, I see you have quite many triggers, and five of them are returning the error "Error: Hourly triggers require a Super Pro license". I reckon the first thing to do, is to check your list of triggers, and remove any unnecessary ones.

    Currently Google Sheets is the one running scheduled refreshes on sheets and it sets limits on how long these processes can run per hour. Usually this time is around 6 minutes or so. As this runtime is shared between all your sheets that use triggers, with many files and queries refreshing at the same time, they are not always be completed in time and they are instead pushed to the next hour. This is the most common reason for delays with triggers.

    Normally Google provides more time to users with G Suite business account. If you are not using G Suite, upgrading to that can help.

    You should check if you have any files that use triggers which you do not need anymore. Triggers in those files might be delaying your scheduled refreshes. Also, please check if there are any such files in you recycle bin. Remove them permanently as triggers on those remain usually active regardless of their location. See all your triggers in Add-ons > Supermetrics > Schedule refresh & emailing > Manage triggers in all your files.

    Best regards,
    Heidi / Supermetrics
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